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What is izakaya like? This is Japanese drinking style.


Hi, there! My name is namihei from Japan.

Thank you for seeing this article.

This article is about where and how Japanese people always drink.
There aren't many drinking parties in clubs and pubs.

I hope you will be interested in Japanese culture more and more after reading this article.

So, let's get started.

Table of contents

◆Table of contents◆

1.What is izakaya like?

2.Izakaya food and drinks

3.Japan's most popular izakaya


1. What is izakaya like?

Izakaya is a Japanese style pub, I'm not quite familiar with a real pub though.

There few bars and pubs in Japan.

Inside view of the store

Basically, as shown in the image, there are many dining tables in izakaya, not counters.

Food and drinks

You can have many kinds of drinks such as beer and Japanese sake, and also a wide selection of a casual meal like Karaage, Yakitori, Sashimi, etc.

Most restaurants have an all-you-can-drink plan for about 2 hours. The price varies depending on the store and time, but it is about 1500 yen ($ 12).
Do you think it's very cheap?

The reason is because Japanese can't drink a lot of alcohol compared to other foreigners.

Therefore, Izakaya can supply us with such a cheap price.

In addition, there are some izakaya having all-you-can-eat plan.

If you come to Japan, why not go to an izakaya?

2. Japan's most popular izakaya

I would like to share the 2 most popular izakaya in Japan.

  • Torikizoku(鳥貴族)

Torikizoku is a yakitori (grilled chicken skewers) izakaya.

You can eat yakitori and some chicken dishes. Also, it uses domestic food.

All food and drink items on the menu are at
280 yen (tax excluded)!! So, it's usually crowded.

This picture is a part of menu.

If you don't read Japanese, you can enjoy because there is a English menu in a store.

  • Isomaru suisan(磯丸水産)

Isomaru suisan is seafood izakaya.
You can eat sashimi and grilled fish.

The feature is that you can grill shellfish yourself.

Seafood goes well with Japanese sake!!

3. Summary

In Japan, people enjoy eating and drinking at izakaya, not bar and pub.

At the izakaya, you can enjoy a wide variety of drinks as well as a wide range of casual meals at low prices.

How was this article? I hope you are interested in Japan.

Thank you very much for reading.


-About Japan



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