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Nodding phrase for successful conversation with Japanese people.

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I'm writing this article for people learning Japanese.

At this time, I introduce you about 'Japanese nodding phrases'.

Nodding is called 'Aizuchi' in Japanese.

'Aizuchi' is so important to have a good relationship with Japanese people because they are very considerate of the other person in general.

So, if you don't react when they are speaking, they are worried.

They think 'Do you understand what I'm saying? Are you actually listening?'

Then, I will teach 5 'Aizuchi' you can use in conversation with Japanese.

They are so easy that you can master them immediately.

Let's improve your 'Aizuchi' skills!!

1. あー! A-!

This is easy, right?

Tip: You say this with the image like 'consent'.





Samukunatte kitane-






A-, soudesune-

2. いいですね! Iidesune!

This is also probably easy.

Tip: You say this with the image of 'sympathy'.






Kinou, yogashitano




いいですね! 難しいですか?


Iidesune! Muzukashiidesuka?

3.うーん Uu-n

You use this when you can't come up with what you want to say right away.

Tip: Like the image of 'thinking'.






Taro, anataha dou omou?







4.ええ!? Eee!?

This is quite easy.

You use this when you are surprised.






Konomae, kimutakumitayo.






Eee!?anoSMAPdatta kimutaku?

5.おーーー! Oo---!

You use this when admired.

Tip: A little exaggerated






Saikin, daietto hazimetanda.




おーーー! すごいね。


Oo---! sugoine.

If you master these phrases, you will make a good impression on Japanese people.

I hope this article will help you learn Japanese.


-About Japan



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My name is Namihei from Japan, the administrator of this site.

It’s been three years since I started working for the first time.

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I am into English and have online English conversation every day.
In this blog, I, who graduated from a graduate school of science, will disseminate information focusing on Japanese language and Japanese culture.