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How do you say ‘a crowd of people’ in Japanese?

2020/10/04   -Learning Japanese

Today’s phrase is 人混み(hitogomi). Let’s learn Japanese!!A crowd of people is called 人混み(hitogomi) in …

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Which do you prefer standard Japanese or Kansai dialect?

2020/10/04   -About Japan, Learning Japanese

・You know there is kansaiben in Japan. But, you aren’t quite familiar with that. ・You are interested …

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How do you say oldie in Japanese?

2020/10/03   -Learning Japanese

Today’s phrase is 懐メロ(Natsu-mero) Let’s learn Japanese!! Oldie is called 懐メロ(Natsu-mero) in Japanese …

My name is Namihei from Japan, the administrator of this site.

It’s been three years since I started working for the first time.

Occupation: Electrical designer

Main qualifications:
・ Bookkeeping
・ Energy manager
・ CEFR B2 level

I started this blog because I was interested in a blog that can be done with one PC during the COVID-19.

I am into English and have online English conversation every day.
In this blog, I, who graduated from a graduate school of science, will disseminate information focusing on Japanese language and Japanese culture.