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This is a Japanese birthday style

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Hi, how are you?

My name is Namihei from Japan.
I introduce Japanese culture or languages in my blog.

How did you spend your last birthday?

I attended my friend's birthday party the other day.
He was from Nepal, Nepalese birthday style was different from the Japanese style.

So, I want to introduce a Japanese birthday style this time.

I hope this article will help you know about Japanese culture.

Let's get started!

1. Who do you spend time with?

This depends on the ages. This may be common in the world.

In the case of school students, they mostly spend with your family because they are busy at school.

College students, however, spend with their friends because they are relatively free.

If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, you spend with him or her.

2. Who plans a birthday?

In Japan, friends or family plan a birthday, prepare and celebrate the person.
The birthday person never invites attendees or prepare meals.

When I attended a Nepalese friend's birthday party, the birthday man invited me to that party, prepared a cake and dish himself.
That was surprising to me.

3. When is a birthday party held?

Basically, a party is held on the day of birthday.

In the case of spending with friends, the celebration date doesn't often match the birthday.
There is no rule when to party.

It's held on a weekend because friends make it easier.

4. How do you spend?

In the case of spending with family, you eat dinner at home as usual or eat out.
After eating dinner, you eat a cake, which is generally strawberry shortcake.
Depending on the household, each person chooses the cake they want to eat.

In the case of spending with friends, you have a party at a restaurant and celebrate a birthday person.
Someone of friends books a restaurant and a cake.

Japanese like a surprise, so we never tell the birthday boy/ girl that we will celebrate his/her that day.

Someone turns off the lights and brings a cake to surprise the birthday person.

The birthday person is probably aware that this party is for himself though.

I introduced Japanese birthday style at this time.

Was there different from your country's style?

Please let me know the difference between your country's style and Japanese style.


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